Mission Statement

The Energy and Wildlife Action Coalition (EWAC) is dedicated to assisting members in the management of natural resources issues associated with the development, generation, transmission, or sale of electricity. EWAC’s primary mission is to promote public policies that are based on sound science, protective of wildlife and natural resources, practical, and efficient.

What we do:

  • Through collaboration, EWAC’s members share industry experiences and practices that span individual companies, states, and regions; develop common approaches to species and habitat conservation; examine federal and state conservation policies and provide industry perspectives to regulators and lawmakers to find practical and effective approaches to conservation.
  • EWAC members share their collective expertise to analyze complex and technical environmental regulations to meet customers’ expectations for reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy. Sharing membership resources and expertise allows EWAC members to maximize these efforts cost-effectively.
  • EWAC’s member companies and their businesses highlight the intersection between the need for safe, reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy, and the protection of our natural resources. Member companies are decreasing use of fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy while implementing sustainable business practices that integrate environmental, social, and economic objectives and concerns.
  • EWAC’s compliance and conservation efforts to protect our nation’s wildlife and natural resources further the sustainability missions of its member companies.
  • EWAC members strive to conserve the nation’s natural resources while also meeting customers’ energy needs.